Smiths Row

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Mon 18 Jun

Important News From Smiths Row

Like many other organisations, we have been running on small scale funding bids to keep going. The recent project Mind The Gap which was based around the Railway in Bury St Edmunds, has now come to its end. The Board have therefore asked the Director for a very realistic assessment of the likely funding streams going forward, in the curent climate, in order to assess the organisational viability in the short to medium term. 

We concluded that the current grant regime now favours either very large organisations, too big to fail, or small sole trading artists and creatives with low overheads and lower thresholds of sustainability, and that a very small organisation, like Smiths Row has become, was fighting now on a far from level playing field making in increasingly difficult to get successful bids let alone ones that are on a level that can sustain our business model going forward for more than a few months at a time.

As a result the Board have reluctantly concluded that at the end of the period of Mind The Gap we will look to wind up the organisation. It is very sad that after more than 40 years as an arts organisation we have to close down, but we all felt that we were fighting a losing battle and that the stress on the individuals involved pursuing very small amounts of money is not good for them or Smiths Row itself.

We would like to thank all of the support and enthusiasm you have offered to Smiths Row over the years.

Best Wishes

Paul Scarlett