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Sat 14 May - Sat 2 Jul

Into the Wild

Matthew Smith

British Birds #2


Sam Bakewell

Elegy Rue Paean

This exhibition explores notions of wilderness and asks: what is wild? Is a landscape developed by the human hand truly natural?

The artists in this show create work that questions how our definitions of nature shift from a human perspective;  they also share a common interest in understanding where wilderness can be found, seen or experienced.  They all draw attention to the seemingly invisible wildlife around us all the time and the idea that 'wilderness' is closer than it might at first seem.

Flora and fauna adapt and reclaim environments whether urban, office or park bench and so the wild and human society live inextricably linked.

As in nature, the art work ranges in scale from the momentous to the miniature. Some works reveal to us animal activity normally beyond the field of our daily experience. Other works have qualities of enchantment and curiosity.  A colour installation of painted birds builds a sense of awe akin to that of a living flock in the sky.  And we are reminded of the cost of overdevelopment as the number of endangered species rise.

Returning to East Anglia from years living away in a large city, the curator saw her home region with a fresh sense of wonder.  The abundance of open spaces and wealth of wildlife here are very special and, as Into the Wild illustrates, of eternal inspiration to many.

Featuring: Sam Bakewell, Ultimate Holding Company, Beatriz da Costa, Eleanor Morgan, Lee Patterson, Laura Pullig, Matthew Smith and Chiz Turnross.