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In Residence

In Residence

In Residence is an artist support initiative which seeks to strengthen connections between the dynamic community of artists, makers and creative practitioners in the region.

It acts as a platform to share ideas and knowledge by providing informal opportunities for artists to get together and structured sessions to develop professional literacy. Driven by artists’ needs, it aims to be responsive and resourceful.

Following its launch in April 2015, the following events and activities have been part of the programme;

  • Lunch Club Discussion Groups
  • Crit Groups
  • Pot Luck Communal Dinners
  • Community Catch Up Sessions
  • In Residence Facebook page
  • An Open Studio residency with artist and musician Kate Jackson.

CLICK HERE to join the page and be a part of this community.

In Residence will continue to be an important building block for our future work with artists. We will continue to evolve the initiative in tandem with our research and development of artist studios.  Please get in touch if you have suggestions or contributions you would like to make.